Dr Candice Michelle Goodwin was made in South Africa and reinvented in Australia. She has a gift for writing, is a world traveler, and has a respected ability to science things.


Candice is the Founder & Principal of Rebel with Cause (RWC) Productions. Her current passion project is the genre TV series concept, "Enter Entropy", based on her books of the same name, available on Amazon. She is also a producer on Canadian projects that are positively disrupting industry trends, and is the host of a fresh new podcast inspiring girls and women to pursue STEM careers. 

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en·tro·py       Noun

Lack of order or predictability;

gradual decline into disorder


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Walk on the Beach
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Praise for the Enter Entropy concept by Candice Michelle Goodwin

Enter Entropy Volume 2 is a very complex and engaging science fiction narrative focusing on a woman imbued with enhanced abilities and the new job she has started at a large corporation. The concept is one of the strongest elements. The pages take a very fun and intriguing science fiction element and add a blend of action scenes and deep character dynamics to add pathos to the narrative.”

  • WeScreenplay


“The show thrives when it comes to the incorporation of scientific elements into the series’ framework. Lana’s unique abilities offer many different applications across many different scenarios. Plus, the narrative’s emphasis on scientific progress offers plenty of opportunities for exploring deep themes and relevant topics, especially in regards to the shifting landscape of technological discovery and the broader implications of progress.

The tension and creative problem solving sprinkled throughout the protagonists’ missions, and the fight sequences, shine as great strengths. The villains present themselves as seemingly operating in a grey area, and this serves as a solid setup for a season-length storyline.”

  • Gordy Hoffman, BlueCat Screenplay Competition


“It’s a great premise and certainly on-trend with the proliferation of superhero and super-themed programming. The overview and script demonstrate passion, a remarkable scientific grounding, and, most importantly, a focus on character. Clearly a lot of work went in your vision, and it’s clear how much hard work you put into this obvious labor of love.”

  • Joe Mallozzi, Writer / Producer / Creator (Stargate SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate Universe, Dark Matter)


“This is a cool idea, and I’m impressed with the detailed work you’ve done on figuring out the series.”

  • Adam Fratto, Producer (Haven, Cleverman, Sea Change)


“You’re obviously a big TV and sci-fi fan and your passion comes across in the presentation, which is a cut above the rest!”

  • Anthony Mullins, BAFTA and AWGIE Award-winning Screenwriter, Development Executive, Matchbox Pictures.


“The idea of scientist Lana’s enhanced senses (taste, smell, touch, etc.) raises some interesting questions about how they may manifest in her life, and her struggle to learn how to live with them, and ultimately discover she can help the police solve crimes because of them, has drama potential.”

  • Mandy McCarthy, ABC TV Fiction


“ENTER ENTROPY is a strong basis for a TV series. There is strong dialogue in place and the writer clearly knows her scientific subject matter well. Using that in the most suspenseful and intriguing way is a key to success.”

  • Finish Line Script Competition


“The premise is fun and campy (in an appealing way). It reminded me of Spiderman, the Hulk, and other superhero origin stories that find its geeky protagonist suddenly possessing fantastic powers and abilities after a freak lab accident. It sure seems that the writer sweated out the scientific details in the script. It seems to have enough specificity and biology /chemistry jargon to suggest that Lana’s new powers have a basis in the real world, which is a nice touch. Further, the writer does a nice job of establishing the scope of Lana’s world and paving the way for a pretty wide array of personal and professional battles. Between her work with the FBI, or as an academic, a beleaguered daughter, and a possible superhero, there are many possible directions for future storylines and conflicts.”

  • Gordy Hoffman, Writer / Director / Producer, BlueCat


“Something you do very well is convey the camaraderie between all your characters. I got the sense that they are a real team, and that they’ve worked together a long time. This is a very important element in crime procedurals like this, since a big draw outside of the “crime of the week” is seeing the various characters interacting with each other. It also helps to bring an element of levity to what is a serious issue since these shows usually deal with violent crime and murder.”

  • WeScreenplay

“This story is refreshingly different and sorely needed. There are plenty of mysteries and tension in the pages but, unlike so many other stories in the area of science fiction and crime-fighting, this one left me with a hopeful feeling about humanity. It showed me that sure, there are bad guys and maniacs out there who need defeating, but we don't need to be turned into monsters ourselves through the battle. I saw the cracks that appear in personal relationships, the trauma, shock and disbelief that can rip people apart, but also the way such tensions can bring out the best in people.”

  • Dr B. W. Cribb, Author of Design Your Mind


“The strength of Enter Entropy: Volume 3 is the esoteric and philosophical study of the characters and their space between life and death. This is a strong idea and emotional. There’s a huge, interesting conflict to end on. Has Lana worked to end up in a situation she doesn’t want?”

  • Jenny Frankfurt, Finish Line Script Competition

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